Why Black Women?

Women come in all shapes, sizes and racial backgrounds. Asian, Black, White, Hispanic—I’ve dated many different types over the years. They were all unique and exciting in their own way. As a white man, ironically, many of my most enjoyable dating experiences were the times I spent dating black women. There was something different about it—for some reason it was more fun and intriguing to me. Once acknowledging my dating preference, I focused my attention solely on interracial dating, and have spent the majority of the last 10 years dating mainly black women.

With the help of online dating, I was given the opportunity to date black women from different parts of America, and from different parts of the world. These experiences introduced me to unique personalities, ideas and cultures—it gave me the chance to explore dating habits and behaviors of black women from many different walks of life. These experiences quickly showed me the positive things that a relationship with the right type of black woman could bring. The experiences also showed me the turmoil that dating the wrong type of black woman could bring. Unfortunately, I dated many of the wrong ones before I got to date some of the right ones. Like anything in life, when you’re new at something, it takes a few tries to get it right. Nonetheless, it was these real life dating experiences—the good and bad—that gave me the motivation to write this book.

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