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Hi, I’m going to take you on a fun journey through my interracial dating experiences with black women. If you’re a white man thinking of dating black women for the first time, you shouldn’t jump into it without getting some insight on the subject first. I’ll teach you how to navigate your way through the wrong ones and get you on the fastest track to the right one for a successful interracial relationship. After reading, you’ll know which black women to pursue, which ones to avoid, and which one to marry!

Here’s a preview of what’s inside…

Chapter 1: Interracial Dating with a Black Woman is Unique
Chapter 2: The First Date
Chapter 3: She Likes All of Your “Whiteness”
Chapter 4: She Desires a Strong White Man
Chapter 5: Wait a Minute, Now She Thinks I’m a Racist Monster
Chapter 6: Seek Her Family’s Approval, But Don’t Try Too Hard
Chapter 7: A Black Woman’s Hair is a Big Deal
Chapter 8: Which Black Women You Should Avoid
Chapter 9: Which Black Women to Pursue and Marry

And much more!

A paperback version will be available soon!